TYPE: ‘Beshir’ / Middle Amu Darya Turkman juval

CIRCA: 1900

Striking ‘Beshir’ / Middle Amu Darya Turkman juval with the mina khani design, complete and intact with the plain woven wool backing with a design across the top. Size is fairly large at 156cm x 88cm and it was made circa 1900 with natural dyes and wool warp and weft, and there are no repairs or reweaves.  Some slight wear to the central pile as to be expected, but in excellent overall condition, especially so for its age. It has been in the one collectors family since being bought out of Afghanistan circa WW1 by the grandfather of the current owner / collector and this is first time for sale on the ‘western’ market. More photos can be made available to the serious buyer.

SIZE: 156cm x 88cm

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 100kpsi +/-