TYPE: Wangden ‘warp-faced-back’ seating carpet

CIRCA: Later part 1800’s

Beautiful Wangden warp-faced-back seating carpet from southern Tibet with thick pile and all natural red, green and light blue dyes with lovely abrash in the pile. The red border-like arrangement in the main field is a simplified ‘running dog’ design encompassing two squares which each then encase a single red ‘knot’. And the subtle colour changes as ones eye moves in from the red ‘frilly’ outer border towards the interior is very tastefully done, juxtaposing the red, blue and green into the design elements. (The red frilly outer border shows a change of shade at one end, but there is no reweaving to be seen on the back, so this may simply have been caused by the use of a different dye bath for that wool*.) Made in the later part of the 1800’s / 19 C., it has yak hair warp and weft and overall it is in very good condition.

*High resolution images available to the prospective buyer to make his/her own assessment.

SIZE: 105cm x 87cm inc fringe

WARP: Yak hair

WEFT: Yak hair