TYPE: Wangden ‘warp-faced-back’ seating carpet

CIRCA: Later part 1800’s

Beautiful Wangden warp-faced-back seating carpet from southern Tibet with thick pile and all natural red, green and light blue dyes with lovely abrash in the pile. The red main field design is a simplified ‘running dog’ motif border encircling two squares which each then encase a single red ‘knot’. Made in the later part of the 1800’s / 19 C., it has yak hair warp and weft. The red border shows a change of shade at one end but there is no reweaving to be seen on the back, so unsure if this has simply been caused by the use of a different dye bath (high resolution images available to the prospective buyer to make his/her own assessment). It is in very good condition.

SIZE: 105cm x 87cm inc fringe

WARP: Yak hair

WEFT: Yak hair


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