TYPE: A Tibetan wooden saddle

CIRCA: early 1900’s, or possibly before

A fine Tibetan wooden saddle with shagreen (the skin from a shark or stingray) decorating the front and back ‘faces’ and lower flat surfaces at either end. The rich grained wood has a beautiful patina, and although the metal edgings have worn with age and use, a running yungdrung (lucky swastika) can still be seen finely engraved on the metal edging and the ‘decorative panels’ on the front and back of the shagreen. A splendid example of an ‘everyday’ Tibetan saddle (as opposed to the elaborate gilted versions oft used by the aristocracy, an example of which can be seen on this page https://warpandweft.club/saddle-carpet-shapes/) exhibiting the exceptional wood-craftsmanship aesthetic of the maker. In very good condition for its age with lustrous patina on the wooden surfaces, circa no later than the first quarter 1900’s, or possibly before. NOTE: This saddle has not been lacquered or varnished as some examples have. (For more on Tibetan saddles, and some exquisite examples, see the book ‘Warriors Of The Himalayas. Rediscovering the Arms and Armor of Tibet‘ by Donald LaRocca.)



WIDTH: 0.36M