TYPE: Finnish Long-pile ryijy by Emma Saltzman — sold

CIRCA: 1905 – 1925

A Finnish long-pile one piece woolen ryijy (or ‘rug’ in English) woven in the early 20th century. Ryijy’s were historically used primarily as a wall hanging, or alternately as a bed cover; or even at times as a floor rug. Given the lack of wear to this piece, and its deep full-length shaggy pile (2cm throughout), it was almost certainly never used on the floor. The design is called ‘käpy’ in the Finnish language (English equivalent would be ‘cone’, as in pine-cone) and was made by the well known Finnish artist Emma Saltzman (1880-1972). Almost minimalist in nature, the design has only two primary colours (green and red) with a beautiful lime green main field tightly fastened with a brown outer edged border. (While one would assume it was unintentional, some folks have commented that the design has an almost ‘Islamic’ look to it.) This piece is in very good condition, and by a well known artist. ALREADY SOLD.

SIZE: 1.87m x 1.28m

WARP: Wool

WEFT: Wool