TYPE: Swedish ‘rolokan’ (a kilim-like weave)

CIRCA: 1900

A rolakan weaving from the south of Sweden woven circa 1900. The rolakan weaving technique is a Scandinavian single Interlocked tapestry technique that denotes a pile-less textile and is similar in look to some of the flat-woven kilims found throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. That is, both sides of this type of weaving look basically the same – there is no pile as found in ‘regular’ carpets – although there is a distinct front and back side. (An informative article on Swedish weaving’s can be found starting page 87, Hali magazine Spring 2019, issue #199.) This piece has an array of beautiful ‘fast’ natural colours and the graphic ‘shimmering’ design seen in the wide cross panels is what is often referred to as the eye-dazzler effect. A striking piece in very good condition.

SIZE: 1.85m x 1.06m

WARP: Wool

WEFT: Wool