TYPE: A Tibetan Gelugpa monks ceremonial ‘hat’

CIRCA: first half 1900’s

This elaborate crescent shaped yellow pile-woven hat denotes monks of the Gelugpa sect (and hence are often referred to as the ‘yellow hat’ sect) and is worn during religious ceremonies. The Gelugpa sect emerged in Tibet in the 15th century to become the pre-eminent Buddhist school in both Mongolia and Tibet and remains dominate to this day. The Dalai Lama, who holds the highest position in the Gelugpa sect, is considered its spiritual leader. The hat is woven with a thick woolen pile and dyed with a natural dye. Although not ‘rare’ per se, items of this nature are seldom seen on the market.


SIZE: Pile with fringe 0.35m x 0.18m (overall length 0.55m)

WARP: cotton

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: approx 40 kpsi