TYPE: Tibetan pile-less kilim-like textile  SOLD

CIRCA: first half, possibly late first quarter, 20th C. / 1900’s

A finely woven pile-less woolen Tibetan textile of indeterminate use, although it has been suggested that these types are some form of horse tack.  A very similar piece can be seen on page 36 in this free PDF download entitled Living Hands: Tibetan Arts and Artisans (by Chris Buckley);
 And similar, but somewhat more elaborate examples are seen on page 215/216, From the Land of the Snow Lion (by Buddeberg & Richtsfeld); on page 46, The Secrets of Tibetan Weaving (by Karma Trinley Darchen) and on page 268 Sacred and Secular, The Piccus Collection of Tibetan Rugs (by Robert Piccus). Woven sometime in the first half of the 20th C. / 1900s – possibly as early as late in the first quarter – it is of a fairly heavy weight for such a fine weave (which can be seen in the one square inch photo) and is made of three strips which have then been sown together to make the finished product. It is in excellent condition, and the ends have been stabilised. (The lower center photo shows a comparison with a small Tibetan pile rug of ‘similar’ design.) ALREADY SOLD.

SIZE: 95cm x 45.5cm

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: n/a, but very fine weave

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