TYPE: Two pair of matching Tibetan cushion covers (or ‘gabney’) uncut-off-the-loom! 

CIRCA: 1920’s

A rare one-of-a-kind set of the ‘front-pile-faces’ of four Tibetan cushion covers – or ‘gabney’ – intact as woven; that is left uncut into the four individual pieces after coming “off the loom” (as was the usual practice so as to serve their intended function, i.e. gabney / the front face of cushion covers). Overall size is 167cm x 70cm (approximately 67.75in x 27.5in), with cotton warp and wool weft and a mix of synthetic and natural dyes and undyed wool, and made circa 1920 / in the 1920’s. So here we have two distinct ‘sets’ of differently designed gabneys (i.e. 2 x 2 matching sets) left as one uncut piece, and with no repairs! It is very uncommon and rare to find a piece like this, and it is the very first time on the market since being bought from an ‘itinerant’ Tibetan living as a refugee in Kathmandu, Nepal, in the late 1960’s and has been in the one collectors hands ever since! The carpet is in excellent condition and would suit a collector of Tibetan carpets.

Examples of cut and backed gabney sets can be seen here;



SIZE: 167cm x 70cm

WARP: Cotton

WEFT: Wool

KNOT COUNT: 44kpsi

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