TYPE: Ningxia six square runner

CIRCA: 1850 / mid 19th C.


This stunning six square runner with two dancing cranes as the central motif was made in Ningxia in the mid 19th century / 1800’s, possibly for use in a Buddhist monastery. The center roundel in each square shows two dancing cranes, while the apricot coloured main field is filled with trellis like vines supporting four flowers. The main border surrounding each of the squares is of blue interlocking yungdrung (luck bringing swastikas) on a golden yellow background. The size is 429cm x 76cm, it is made with natural dyes, has cotton warp and weft, and is backed by blue cotton cloth. It has been in the one collectors possession since he bought it from a Tibetan circa 1970 in Kathmandu, Nepal, and this is the very first time for sale on the open market. It is in excellent condition with no stains, colour runs or reweaves / repairs. A collectors item.

SIZE: 429cm x 76cm

WARP: Cotton

WEFT: Cotton

KNOT COUNT: 32kpsi