TYPE: ‘Classical Chinese’ Ningxia runner (shortened)

CIRCA: 1700’s / 18TH C. (or before?)

A late ‘Classical Chinese’ period runner – or ‘long carpet’ – from the Ningxia (or Beijing?) region that has been shortened by rejoining three ‘sections’ of a longer runner and repiling the ends (seemingly done long long ago) which the photos show. Made in the 1700’s / 18th century or before (i.e. possibly late Kangxi era?), of note is it has both wool warp and weft, which is very unusual for a Chinese carpet (as they are usually both cotton). The design features a central shou symbol while the soft-peach coloured main field is filled throughout with blue coloured interlocking angular swastikas in a lattice-like design. The yellow coloured border then features the more simple and characteristic running / interlocking swastika design, which is also the soft-peach colour (as seen in the main field). All the dyes are natural with the colours still good. It has a low knot count consistent with its dating; the close-up photo on top left shows the underside in the border (30kpsi), while the close-up photo on top right shows the underside in the body of the carpet (24kpsi).  One for a collector who doesn’t mind the reweaves!

More photos available on request for the serious buyer.

SIZE: 250cm x 65cm

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 24kpsi body, 30kpsi border