TYPE: Ningxia left facing dragon pillar carpet

CIRCA: 1800’s (2nd half)

This five clawed left facing blue dragon pillar carpet with a burnished golden background was made in Ningxia and meant to wrap around a Buddhist monastery’s pillar/s in large ‘meditation’ halls, so that it appeared the dragon encircled the pillar. It came out of Tibet in the 1960’s and was bought circa 1970 in Kathmandu from a Tibetan national fleeing the Chinese (invasion). Size is 207cm x 78cm and has cotton warp and weft, made in the 1800’s, probably third quarter. It has been in the same collectors possession since circa 1970 (until we now have it in our possession) and this is the very first time for sale on the open market since he bought it over 50 years ago. (Note the photo with two pillar carpets – right and left facing dragons – with this carpet juxtaposed against another (‘similar’ but longe) pillar carpet showing how these types of carpets may have been arranged on opposing pillars.) Many of these types of pillar carpets appear in the excellent book ‘Antique Chinese Carpets. Masterpieces of the Te-Chun Wang Collection‘. This carpet is in very good / excellent condition with no stains, colour runs or reweaves / repairs.

PAGE STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION. In the meantime serious buyers please ask for more photos and info.

SIZE: 207cm x 78cm

WARP: cotton

WEFT: cotton

KNOT COUNT: 23kpsi +/-

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