TYPE: A tibetan ‘under-saddle’ padded tsuktruk

CIRCA: pre 1900

A four paneled thick padded Masho woven in the tsuktruk (tuskdruk) style. When I first encountered a finely woven example of one of these carpets without the padded backing I wondered how such a ‘light’ weave could provide any protection for the rider, let alone longevity of wear. It was not until I encountered this example that I understood, as encased between the pile and the backing material is copious amounts of felt like wool. The naturally dyed pile is actually a deep purple, obtained presumably from aubergine. The face has thick pile throughout, save for the wear in the center from being over the saddle. A collectors piece.

SIZE: 0.90m x 0.60m

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool


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