CIRCA: 1880

Striking East Turkestan three medallion carpet, probably from either Khotan or Yarkand, which are both ancient oasis towns on the southern branch of the Silk Road in what is today Xinjiang, the most far western province of China. The outer main border is the ‘wave line’ motif, will the inner is the simple ‘T’ meander. The main field features the classic three medallion design and is also scattered with various rosettes and other typical East Turkestan cloud motifs, while the corners feature an angular geometric design with ‘cloudheads’. Rich red and yellow are the predominate vibrant colours and the rug is abrashed throughout. It has wool pile and cotton warp and weft and was made in the late 1800’s, probably circa the 1880’s. It shows signs of wear but is in good condition for its age.

Aficionados of Tibetan Wangden carpets will notice a similarity between that central geometric motif in the two end medallions in this East Turkestan carpet and the typical Wangden motif as seen here in this carpet https://warpandweft.club/portfolio-item/wangdens-item-2/

SIZE: 219cm x 110cm+/-

WARP: cotton

WEFT: cotton

KNOT COUNT: 35kpsi +/-