TYPE: a kilim-like seating square

CIRCA: 1920’s / 1930’s

A very interesting kilim-like seating square woven in a very unusual knotting fashion, being either rural or nomadic work with primarily natural dyes, and un-dyed wool. The center square features a green double dorje on a bright red field, which may indicate that it was possibly given as a gift to a person of higher status. The thin outer strip resembles the feldt red covered border seen on may Tibetan carpets and the main border is what appears to be a half Running T design, while the inner border is of pearls. A very unique flat woven piece, of a knotting technique seldom seen and seldom used. In excellent condition as it appears itself to have been seldom used (as many gifts to lamas or high officials were).

SIZE: 0.68m x 0.68m approx.

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool


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