TYPE: Tibetan khaden size carpet

CIRCA: Early 1900’s

A  beautiful thick piled natural dyed khaden sporting a central mandala-like motif with what appear to be ‘leaves’ spread sparingly about in a rare multi-hued green center field, which has a wonderful abrash. Altogether there are ten borders, the so-called ‘Greek T’ main border has flowers at the cardinal points while one of the inner borders sports  pearls, and the four corners of the main field are anchored by a somewhat unusual design. This carpet once had a felt red covered border – as is common with many older Tibetan carpets – whose dye has migrated somewhat into the very ends of the warps at either end of the carpet. [An almost identical but apparently earlier piece can be found published on page 93 in the book Secrets of Tibetan Weaving by Karma Trinley Darchen.] This carpet is in excellent condition.

SIZE: 1.64m x 0.80m

WARP:  wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 35 kpsi