TYPE: Double dragon khaden

CIRCA: 1900 / early 1900’s

A double dragon Tibetan khaden with the dragons shown frolicking in the clouds while competing for the elusive ‘precious gem / flaming pearl’. Made circa 1900 it has hand spun wool warp and weft while the size is 168cm x 94cm. The ‘black’ pile appears to be a mix of brown and black undyed wool (or brown wool dyed black?). Backed by cloth of which a small part of the end was unpicked to get a photo of one square inch of the knotting. Some pile wear as expected for its age but still in very good condition with no repairs / reweaves. Originally bought from an itinerant Tibetan living as a refugee in Kathmandu, Nepal circa 1970, it has been in the one collectors hands ever since.

SIZE: 168cm x 94cm

WARP: Wool (Handspun)

WEFT: Wool (Handspun)

KNOT COUNT: 28kpsi

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