TYPE: Kashmiri woolen-embroidered tiger pelt – SOLD

CIRCA: last qtr 1900’s

Tiger, Tiger! Vintage soft and supple tiger ‘pelt’ made in Kashmir in the later part of the 1900’s. Mix of dyed and undyed fine wool chain-stitched* embroidery backed by a layer of thin black felt. The wool purportedly comes from the highland region of Ladakh, an Indian region to the north of Kashmir once primarily inhabited by people of Tibetan stock. To get an idea of how fine the wool, and the tightness of the weave, the close-up ‘framed’ photo shows a one square inch around one of the tiger’s eyes. In good condition. ALREADY SOLD.

*The use of the chain-stitch is an ancient craft; examples of surviving Chinese chain-stitch embroidery worked in silk thread have been dated to the 5th – 3rd century BC. It is a sewing and embroidery technique in which a series of looped stitches form a chain-like pattern.

SIZE:  221cm long x 119cm max. width

EMBROIDERY: Chain-stitched wool