TYPE: A baotou-suiyuan ‘throne’ back and seat

CIRCA: 1930’s

A lovely intact so-called ‘throne’ back and seat, but in this case, given the colours, woven for an official (as opposed to the clergy). Woven as one piece, that is no pile-less ‘gap’ between the upper and lower portion as seen in some ‘throne’ back carpets that remain intact. Beautiful, lustrous un-dyed white / off-white wool and various shades of blue make for a subtle though pleasing design.  A precious jewel floats above the central medallion in the upper portion, while the main field in both is enclosed first by a border or pearls, and then by a ‘single key meander’ border. The outer main border consist of  trellised flowers and smaller floral-like roundels. In very good condition.

SIZE: 1.27m x 0.65m

WARP: cotton

WEFT: cotton

KNOT COUNT: Approx. 38 kpsi