TYPE: ‘eye-dazzler’ design kilim (Persia)

CIRCA: 1900

A strikingly beautiful Persian kilim – or flat-woven pile-less rug – of undetermined tribal / nomadic origin, with a spectacular ‘eye-dazzler’ design that is so vigorous that its shimmering effect almost seems to be vibrating. It is very finely woven using soft hand-spun wool warp and weft saturated with rich natural dyes. Sporadic areas of oxidization can be seen in the subtly abrashed brown field (which has occurred over time from the particular mordants used in the dying process for that brown colour). There is an old restoration / repair to one corner (as can be see in the above images). Altogether an extraordinarily visual very well crafted piece.

SIZE:  305cm x 170cm

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool


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