TYPE: Baluch

CIRCA: 1900

Small Baluch carpet decorated with the ‘rams horn’ design throughout. Lovely glossy wool with saturated natural dyes. Especially beautiful greens and blues. Wool warp and weft. It is missing a little from either end, one more so than the other. Otherwise in excellent condition with good to medium pile throughout and no reweaves or repairs. It appears to have been a treasured possession of the original owner as the selvages and ends have all been securely bound (prior to having been collected in the tribal area of Afghanistan in the early 1970’s; and only the one owner since). Possibly a fragment of a larger carpet? Looks fabulous hung on a wall where it catches reflected light and the colours really come alive!

SIZE: 90cm x 53cm

WARP: wool

WEFT: wool

KNOT COUNT: 90kpsi